9th Annual St. Johns River Bartram Frolic

April 27 @ 8:00 am April 28 @ 5:00 pm


“The 9th Annual St. Johns River Bartram Frolic in Palatka will happen again. We will be celebrating the 250th Anniversary by making this an even better event. We will still feature the Passport-to-the-Past Adventure featuring our living history – Billy Bartram, Trader Job Wiggens, the Long Warrior, the Fort Mose’ Militia, Bartram’s cracker horse, snakes, turtles and more… Oh My!

We will continue enjoying the Bartram Trail in Putnam County National Recreation Trail by featuring  paddling tours, boat tours, biking tours, hiking tours and bus tours. We feature over 25 Bartram sites during the Frolic.”

Free Various events may require payment

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