About Fruitland Peninsula Historical Society

The Fruitland Peninsula Historical Society was founded in 2010 to present the history of the region bounded on the west by the St. Johns River, on the north by Dunn’s Creek, on the east by Lake Crescent and to the south the area is expanded to include Seville, Pierson and Barberville. Our informative monthly programs may include topics of general historical interest beyond these boundaries.

OUR MISSION: To bring together people to discover, promote, and preserve the history of the Fruitland Peninsula so that future generations can know and benefit from our rich heritage, cultures, and traditions.

OUR VISION: The historical context of our lives is fundamental to how the past shapes our community’s present and future. We will be a vital resource for making our common history accessible, interesting, and meaningful to all. We will be recognized as the principal repository and resource for the collected history of Fruitland Peninsula. We will advocate for the preservation of historic sites and structures in our community.Our Society welcomes all members of our community who have contributed to or have an interest in this area’s unique history – schools, churches, individuals representing the contribution of all cultures and ethnicities.

Dunns Creek

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