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Frank & Isabell Horning House, 18 N. Lake St.

c. 1930, Frame Vernacular

This building was constructed in 1930 for Frank and Isabell Horning. Soon after coming to the area in the
late 1920s, the Hornings purchased the Orange Inn, a large two-story hostelry located across the street from the house. At the same time the house was constructed, Frank Horning opened a large hardware, lumber, and feed store on the lot to the south. The Horning’s lived in the house throughout the remainder of the historic period. It is significant for its unique architecture, including an unusual full basement, and as an example of residential architecture in Crescent City during the years of the Great Depression. The building is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. The home is currently owned by Jeff and Amy Haston, who also own the Sprague House on Central Avenue.

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