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Palmetto Cemetery, 405 Edgewood Ave.

c. 1870s

Palmetto Cemetery is a one-acre, oak-shaded parcel of land located to the west of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter at the southeast corner of North Main Street and Edgewood Avenue. Established in the 1870s, the cemetery contains approximately 100 neatly kept grave sites. The headstones and vaults are constructed of a variety of materials, including marble, granite, concrete, and brick. Most are simple rectangular or arched-top markers, but there are also a number of elaborate sculptures and carved obelisks. A small cemetery  that had been started by a private citizen, who had left the community without provisions for its care, was adopted by the Village Improvement Association. The members of the V.I.A assessed each lot owner the enormous sum of fifty cents per year for the upkeep of the fence, walks and driveway. Another movement in later years was also spearheaded by the women to buy Eden Cemetery and with the Chamber of Commerce cooperated in organizing the Crescent City Cemetery Association.

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