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Miller Middle School Gymnasium, 101 S. Prospect St.

c. 1936, Masonry Vernacular style 

The Crescent City High School Gymnasium was the most significant building project undertaken in the city during the Great Depression. It was constructed after protracted negotiations between a committee of local citizens, headed by David M. Gautier, J.W. Warner, and E.A. Loving, and the Works Progress Administration, one of numerous relief organizations established by the Federal government to spur local economic development. Funds totaling $23,171 were approved by the WPA for the project in August 1935 and ground was broken the following October. The plans were drawn by an architect by the name of Hale and local contractors Robert E. Hall and Noel V. Nihoul were in charge of construction. The plans called for the erection of a one-story building, measuring 62 by 100 feet. There was room for a regulation basketball court and additional seating. The building had modem lighting and heating equipment and dressing rooms complete with showers. The building was completed in August 1936.

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