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E & W Clothing Shop, 306 Central Ave.

c. 1927, Masonry Vernacular style

This commercial building was erected during Crescent City’s land boom period of the 1920s. It was developed and owned by Charles L. Chamberlin. Born in Moline, Ill. in 1857, Chamberlin came to Crescent City in 1884 from Tennessee. He married Rosa Gautier in 1887 and the couple had six children. Along with prominent early settler F.S. Cone, he established one of the first general stores in Crescent City. In March 1927 the Crescent City Journal announced that the foundations for this building were nearly complete. It was to measure 20 by 90 feet and have 2,500 square feet of floor space. The building was constructed of interlocking hollow tile and had a tan brick facade. A large steel beam across the front allowed for a large plate glass display area and a recessed entrance. The building is significant for its association with the commercial development of Crescent City during the land boom years. The first store to locate in the building was the E & W Clothing Shop owned by Ben Ehrlich and Jake Warner. It was moved from next door at 302 Central Ave. It has served as a commercial building throughout its existence, most recently as King’s Office Supply since 1977.

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