Dr. E.W. Ford House, 40 S. Prospect St.

c. 1874, Frame Vernacular style

Architectural evidence based on comparisons with buildings of similar size and design indicates that the
building was constructed about 1905. The first documented owner was J.J. Schauers. In 1916 Dr. T.R. Beggs purchased the house. The house is most prominently associated with Dr. E.W. Ford who came to Crescent City in 1919 and served as one of the leading physicians in the town for forty-five years. Ford was born in Fordsville, Kentucky in 1867. He attended Hartford College and got his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1891. He returned to his native western Kentucky and practiced medicine there before coming to Crescent City. After purchasing this property, he established an office in a building behind the main house. He died in 1964. This house was demolished and the land is owned by the City of Crescent City.

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