Chamberlin Store, 302 Central Ave.

c. 1894, Frame Vernacular style 

This commercial building was erected during Crescent City’s early period of development. It was developed and owned by Charles L. Chamberlin. Born in Moline, Illinois in 1857, Chamberlin came to Crescent City in 1884 from Tennessee. He married Rosa Gautier in 1887 and the couple had six children. Along with prominent early settler F.S. Cone, he established one of the first general stores in Crescent City. After a fire destroyed his original store, Chamberlin purchased the property for this building in August 1894. In addition to its function as a store, the building housed meetings of the town council and the Chamberlin family lived for a time in the upper story apartments. After Chamberlin retired the building was used by Ben Ehrlich and Jake Warner to house their E & W Clothing Shop. In 1927 that business was moved to another building constructed by Chamberlin at 306 Central Avenue. In the early 1970s the building was converted for use as a meeting place for the local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The building was demolished in 2018.

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