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Carey House, 220 N. Summit St.

c. 1911, Frame Vernacular style

This building was probably constructed soon after the property on which it sits was purchased by William W. Carey in 1911. Carey owned the property until 1929 when it was deeded to his two daughters, Minnie L. Carey and Ethel L. Nichols. It has a T-shaped plan formed by the intersection of a gable roof main unit and a gable extension. The exterior wall fabrics are wood and asbestos shingles and fenestration consists of double-hung sash windows with 2/2 and 9/9 lights and fixed windows. An entrance porch with a gable roof and square post supports extends from the facade. The building sits on a brick pier foundation. The home was renovated in the 2000s and was purchased by St. Johns Realty in 2019 for use as an office.

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