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Benham Store/Crescent City Masonic Lodge, 11 S. Lake St.

c. 1883, Frame Vernacular style

The Benham Store Building is the oldest documented commercial building in Crescent City. It was constructed about 1883 for Hiram Benham, who opened a general store in the building. Benham came to Crescent City that year from Jacksonville where he had operated a successful mercantile store. In 1907 it was purchased by William Miller who also operated a store there. The local chapter of Masons purchased the building in 1920 for use as a meeting hall. In the mid 1930s the Federal Emergency Relief Agency operated a canning plant out of the ground floor of the building. The Masonic Lodge underwent a complete renovation in 1939. An original tiered veranda was removed, and the interior spaces were modified to create large open areas for meetings and events on the first and second floors. A kitchen and fireplace were also added. The building served as the Masonic Lodge for 74 years, until 1994 when Charles and Debi Lane purchased it and opened a bait store called ‘Blackeye Shiner.’ In 2001, the building was purchased and renovated into the remarkably popular 3 Bananas restaurant by Pam Calder. The restaurant changed hands in 2020.

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