Our Mission is to preserve, and present the history of the Fruitland Peninsula Area of Florida in an accessible way.

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The Fruitland Peninsula Historical Society was founded in 2010 to present the history of the region bounded on the west by the St. Johns River, on the north by Dunn’s Creek, on the east by Lake Crescent and to the south the area is expanded to include Seville, Pierson and Barberville. Our informative monthly programs may include topics of general historical interest beyond these boundaries.

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Crescent City
Pomona Park


Cherie Nelson Register


A Letter from the President

Margary Neal Nelson was also my mother, and it was her dream, to have a place where the history of our area could be preserved and displayed. She actively researched, collected, and sought out all types of historical items to document the rich history of Crescent City and the Fruitland Peninsula for over 60 years. I often heard my mother say, "We don't know where we are going if we don't know where we have been."

The mission of our society is short but strong. To bring together people to discover, promote and preserve the history of the Fruitland Peninsula so that future generations can know and benefit from our rich heritage, cultures, and traditions.

It is so important that we preserve the history that we currently have for the younger generation so that it can be passed down to those that are still to come after us. This is incorporated in the first sentence of our vision - The historical context of our lives is fundamental to how the past shapes our community's present and future.

My mother's love of history has been passed on to me as I continue to add to her collection. It has been a labor of love and I sincerely hope that all who view what we have accomplished becomes excited to discover the past while looking to the future.

Education Resources

There are so many opportunities and resources to help bring the history, the beauty,
and the lessons of the Fruitland Peninsula to life.
Designation and preservation of historic structures within the Fruitland Peninsula is part of our focus. Working with the State, County and Cities, we strive to identify and officially designation historic districts and building with the aim to preserve their past heritage for future generations. These old relics represent a culture and a way of life that can’t be imagined by today’s youth.
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Partner with us to preserve, and present the history of the Fruitland Peninsula Area of Florida in an accessible way.

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